Serwaa Daley



Serwaa Daley is an emerging dancer and choreographer. She recently graduated with her Honors BFA in Dance, specializing in Performance and Choreography from York University. She was a member of the York Dance Ensemble and has performed work by choreographers Tracey Norman and Susan Lee. Before graduating, Serwaa has danced for Jasmyn Fyffe in the 2017 New Blue Emerging Dance Festival, performed in the Toronto Fringe with Arbez Drama Projects, and performed repertoire from Peggy Baker Dance Projects as part of Dance: made in Canada/fait au canada. She has completed intensives from Dance Teq (2015) and Peggy Baker Dance Projects (2017).

After receiving her degree, Serwaa travelled to New York City to attend ArchCore40, artistically directed by international choreographer Jennifer Archibald. Since then, she has been blessed with an abundance of performance and training opportunities. She performed in Expect Theatre’s Beats + Intentions Emerging Inter-Arts Ensemble part of Nuit Blanche (2018) and participated in workshops by Kaeja d’Dance (2018) and Adelheid Dance Projects (2018). Serwaa is a company member of The Parahumans Dance Theatre where she has experimented with post-contemporary dance and improvised performance. Along with concert dance, Serwaa has made her commercial dance debut with her recent appearance in the “Breaking Down” music video for Indigenous musician Iskwé. She is interested in expanding her training in dance forms including Butoh, Partnering, and Hip Hop.   

Serwaa made her choreographic debut in York Dances Space Continuum with Primitive Instincts and is curious to create dance works that span the vast range of the human experience. She plans to collaborate with artists of varied practices. She is also interested in Dance Science/Kinesiology and has taught conditioning classes for dancers. Serwaa intends to pursue a career both in performing and choreographing and plans to travel to become familiar with dance communities in New York City, Montreal, and abroad.



I am a dancer, performer, and choreographer. My choreographic works take on a contemporary aesthetic. As a result of my formal training,  I strive to generate complex technical movement that displays dancers’ strengths whilst remaining authentic to the individual and theme. Along with traditional forms, I am interested in training in a variety of dance forms including hip hop, butoh, and partnering to become fluent in these movement languages and have them readily embodied to use as I need. My goal is to create work that seamlessly blends multiple dance aesthetics whilst being able to distinguish the origins of each unique dance form.

My creative process is heavily informed by improvisation. I listen to different genres of music (Hip Hop, Rap, Metal, Techno, Experimental) that resonate within me. I respond to what I hear and imagine scenarios that reflect the music and create short combinations to be used for choreography. Occasionally I use guided improvisation sessions with dancers in my pieces to draw out authentic movements from within. I then piece movements together to be integrated into a greater work.

My work often evokes a strong vivid environment which gives audiences the role as spectators of a glimpse in time of the world my dances occupy. What viewers see on stage is simply the middle of a familiar world that has a before story and continues after the stage goes dark. Currently, I am interested in exploring obscure concepts such as the disconnect between human and non-human animals and how this severed bond reflects the regression of modern societies. I also want to investigate the state of transcendence and how to emulate that state through physical exertion driven by energetic “rave style” music.  



Height: 5’6”    Eyes: Dark Brown               


New Jazz Dance Improvisations             Dancer                                        Choreo. Dave Wilson                           

Profile                                                            Dancer                                        Choreo. Nicola Pantin

Intensive Showcase                                    Dancer                                        Choreo. Jennifer Archibald 

Phase Space16/17                         Dancer                                        Choreo. Peggy Baker      

Under Pressure                                             Dancer                                        Choreo. Jasmyn Fyffe  

Endurant                                             Dancer                                        Choreo. Tracey Norman     

Bell Weather                                              Dancer                                        Choreo. Susan Lee                                                                               

Tangled Stories                                       Dancer                                        Choreo. Irma Villafuerte      

 The Old Wolf and The Sacred Trout         Dancer                                       Choreo. Shawn Newman


Breaking Down                 Featured Dancer                         Music. Iskwé, Choreo. Aria Evans         

Signal                                                            Dancer                                        Dir. Tomas Rocek                    

Art Gallery York University                      Dancer                                        Prod. Derek Liddington/AGYU


Barreworks                                            Fitness Model                             Pam Lau/Barreworks  


York University (Toronto, ON) Honors BFA in Dance                                    

Adelheid Winter Workshop (Toronto, ON) – Artistic Director: Heidi Strauss                 

 Kaeja d’Dance Intensive (Toronto,ON) – Artistic Directors: Allen & Karen Kaeja                                                                     

ArchCore40 Summer Intensive (New York, NY) – Artistic Director: Jennifer Archibald                                                                                                                                                    

ArchCore40 Winter Intensive (Toronto, ON) – Artistic Director: Jennifer Archibald                                                                                                                                                     

Peggy Baker Dance Projects Summer Intensive (Toronto, ON) – Artistic Director: Peggy Baker                

Dance Teq Summer Ballet Intensive (Toronto, ON) – Artistic Director: Jeremy Nasmith


Contemporary dance, Modern dance, Ballet, Improv, Contact Improv, Canadian Passport, Fitness, French




BFA Honours in Performance Dance and Choreography, York University Toronto, ON

·         Completed June 2018



Bell Weather |2018| Choreographer: Susan Lee| Faire & Fecan Theatre| Sparks| York Dance Ensemble       

Endurant |2018| Choreographer: Tracey Norman| Faire & Fecan Theatre| Sparks |York Dance Ensemble     

Apperception |2017| Choreographer: Vanessa Boutin| MacLean Theatre| York Dance Innovations: Up rising

Phase Space16/17 |2017| Choreographer: Peggy Baker| Betty Oliphant Theatre| Dance: made in canada/ fait au canada

The Old Wolf and The Sacred Trout |2017| Choreographer: Shawn Newman & Arbez Drama Projects| Tarragon Theatre| Toronto Fringe Festival

Under Pressure |2017| Choreographer: Jasmyn Fyffe| 918 Bathurst Centre for Culture, Arts, Media, and Education| New Blue Emerging Dance Festival                               

Adzohu |2016| Choreographer: Modesto Amegago| MacLean Theatre| York Dance Innovations: New Light/ Ancient Light                                                    

Solo Souls Deep |2014| Choreographer: Sharon Harvey| Faire & Fecan Theatre| MFA Concert: Body of Minds                            



Abyss |2018| quintet| Strength in Diversity

Acid House |2017| quintet| York Dance Innovations: Up rising                            

Primitive Instincts |2017| trio| York Dances: Space Continuum                          

Swagger Jagger |2015| septet| Brentway Academy School of Dance                                          

The Nutcracker |2014| large group| Brentway Academy School of Dance           



Adelheid Winter Workshop |2018| Heidi Strauss| Ryerson School of Performance

Kaeja d’Dance Intensive |2018| Allen & Karen Kaeja| Dovercourt House

Archcore 40 Winter Intensive |2017| Jennifer Archibald| Dancemakers Centre for Creation

Gaga Workshop |2017| James Viveros| Dancemakers Centre for Creation         

Repertoire Workshop |2017| Belinda McGuire| York University                                      

August Repertoire Intensive |2017| Peggy Baker Dance Projects| Canada’s National Ballet School

Butoh Workshop |2016| Kokoro Dance & Kaeja d’Dance| Dovercourt House                  

West African |2016| Modesto Amegago| York University                                   

Graham Technique |2015| Helen Jones| York University                                               

Ballet Summer Intensive |2015| Jeremy Nasmith & Dance Teq| Dance Teq Centre        

Ballet, Modern, Contact Improvisation |2014-2018| York University Dance